Winter worksheets for kindergarten. Free printable PDF

Free printable Winter worksheets

Printable winter worksheets for kids. 16 pages of winter activities for preschoolers. Download free printable PDF for free.

The winter season is a magical time for children. From snowball fights to sledding, there’s never a shortage of fun activities and things to do during this special time of year. For parents looking for educational resources to use with their child at home, or for teachers, free printable winter worksheets for kindergarten can provide a great learning opportunity. These worksheets are engaging while still providing the necessary information to help your child learn.

I’ve always found that my children get excited when they see these types of worksheets. The fact that they’re free makes it even better! With these printables, my kids can work on counting, matching objects, reading comprehension skills and more in the comfort of our own home. I also like how versatile these worksheets are – you can easily customize them depending on what your child needs help with the most.

Free printable winter worksheets

The free set of winter worksheets includes 16 printable pages. You can view them below and download the free PDF.

Exercise list for kids:

  • Join the dots.
  • Trace the lines.
  • Maze.
  • Count.
  • Find the right shadow.
  • Solve the puzzle.

Winter worksheets – D


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